Race Car

For the 2016/17 FIA Formula E Championships, NextEV introduces its all-new powertrain, the NextEV 700R. For the second year running, NextEV has been granted constructor status in the championship, which features ten teams for the 16/17 season. Nine of the teams hold constructor status, with the only team not manufacturing their own powertrain being the new Techeetah outfit.

In the first season of the FIA Formula E Championship in 2014/2015, all teams running in the electric car series were working with a single-spec car equipped with a 200kw emotor, 5 ratio sequential gearbox and 28kw/h battery pack. From the 2015/16 season onwards, teams were permitted to design and manufacture their own powertrains, comprising emotor, inverter and differential.

For the 2016/17 season the NextEV Formula E Team will run a powertrain featuring a twin emotor and single-speed gearbox. Series regulations also permit teams to manufacture their own rear suspension. At a championship level, the new season will see external changes as all teams debut a unique front wing and steering wheel with increased functionality, while internally the regeneration power has increased from 100kw to 150kw.


  • Acceleration: 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in 3 secs
  • Maximum speed: 225km/h (140mph)
  • Maximum power: 200kw, equivalent to 270bhp
  • Race mode: 170kw, equivalent to 230bhp
  • FanBoost: Temporarily increases max power with a short boost of 100kJ of energy to be used in a power window between 180kW and 200kW
  • Maximum power regeneration: 150kW
  • Bespoke 18” treaded Michelin tyres for wet and dry
  • Championship specific wheel dimensions
  • O.Z. Racing Magnesium rims Max width front - 260mm / rear 305mm Max diameter - front 650mm / rear 690mm
  • Overall length: 5000mm (max)
  • Overall width: 1800mm (max)
  • Overall height: 1250mm (max)
  • Track width: 1300mm (min)
  • Minimum weight (inc driver): 880kg (battery 350kg)