NextEV develops Formula e race wheel with Motegi Racing

Thursday 31 March 2016
For immediate release

NextEV has today announced the development of a Formula E wheel with Motegi Racing.  Engineers from NextEV and Motegi Racing (a producer of high- quality, cutting edge racing wheels for formula and sports car racing) have worked together to produce an exclusive alloy-forged wheel, designed specifically for Formula E. 

The new wheel is designed to help to reduce the un-sprung weight of the cars, maintain superior rigidity under cornering force, and also improve tyre and brake performance through heat management.

The engineers involved in the design of the wheel had clear design objectives. Firstly, was to reduce the weight to the minimum allowed by the series regulations to improve the efficiency of the powertrain and acceleration. Secondly, was to reduce the airflow through the wheels to increase the brake temperature and improve tyre performance at high temperatures. 

The engineering teams have been working closely with Michelin (the official tyre supplier to the series) to ensure acceptable tyre mounting pressure levels and to support the necessary tyre temperatures to maximise grip for high-speed cornering.

The wheel is based on the race-tested Motegi TechnomeshTM design that has been raced successfully at all levels of GT and prototype racing. The new wheel will be trialled for the first time by NextEV at the Long Beach ePrix this weekend. 

Martin Leach, President NextEV: "The introduction of our optimised Motegi NEO wheels is another step in our program that aims to improve every aspect of our team going forward".

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