Round 8/10

Round 8: Germany


For round eight of the 2015-16 FIA Formula E Championship, we return to the German city of Berlin.

It’s been almost 20 years since a motor race has taken place on the streets of Berlin, with a new city-centre circuit created for 2016. The 1.26 mile (2.03km) track with 11 turns winds its way around Strausberger Platz towards Alexanderplatz, with the pitlane on Karl-Marx-Allee.


Did you know?

40 electric cars are available in the city as part of the ‘Showcase Electromobility’ project, which tests electric vehicles and infrastructure for everyday life.

More than 1/3 of the 900km2 city is green space, home to 440,000 trees.

Over 12% of all journeys in Berlin are made by bicycle.

3.5 million people live in Berlin, with 3,809 Berliners to every square kilometre.

More than 70,000 allotments around the city allow Berliners to connect with nature.