Round 5/10

Round 5: Mexico

Mexico City

For the fifth round, the Formula E Championship will be visiting Mexico for the first time. The race will take place in the capital; Mexico City, and part of the track will include the historic Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. 

The Mexico City ePrix will take place on a 2.14km clockwise track, consisting of 18 corners. F1 fans will recognise part of the track from the 2015 Mexico F1 race, and it includes a breathtaking stadium with seating for tens of thousands of fans. 

Did you know?

Mexico City is home to some nine million people, with greater Mexico City being the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere, housing 21 million people.

This will mark the first time that Formula E has raced on a dedicated track. Up until now, all the races have been held on temporary street circuits.

Some of the most famous sites in Mexico City include the National Palace which houses historic murals by Diego Rivera, the baroque Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Templo Mayor (a 13th Century Aztec temple).

Mexico City is renowned for its delicious street food. From Pambazos (Mexican sandwiches) to Tlacoyos (corn patties with a variety of fillings) to Chicharrones (made from slabs of fried pork skin).

The heart of Mexico City is the Zocalo; the main square.  Measuring 220m from north to south, and 240m from east to west, it’s one of the world’s largest city squares.