Round 3/10

Round 3: Uruguay

Punta del Este

Known as the ‘St Tropez of South America’, Punta del Este is famous for its sandy beaches, luxury yachts and glamorous visitors. Punta del Este is located on the south coast of Uruguay, 130km east of the capital; Montevideo.

At 2.875km in length and featuring 20 turns, the Formula E street circuit is located along Punta del Este’s picturesque harbour. Set on a beautiful beach backdrop, the tight, twisty layout uses a mix of straights and sharp turns, providing a challenge for the Formula E teams and drivers.

Did you know?!

Plaza de los Artesanos is the main square in Punta del Este and is famous for the craft fair it has held since 1967, where you can pick up everything from local souvenirs to precious jewellery at one of its 200+ stands

Asado is one of the most popular food traditions in Uruguay. An Asado usually consists of barbecued beef and other meats, cooked on an open fire

“La Mano” is the must see installation created by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal. The sculpture shows five human fingers emerging from the sand at Playa Brava

For a fix of animal attraction, take a visit to the small island of Isla de los Lobos which is residence to large colonies of fur seals and sea lions. You can catch a boat for an excursion at Punta Ballena

The 45 metre tall lighthouse is run from electricity, and you can climb to the top by tackling its 150-step spiral staircase